Fun Summer Activities To Try

Basics To Know Before Going Kayaking

One of the most fun summer activities you can do is kayaking. It is perfect for nature lovers, and adrenaline junkies because it combines beautiful nature and an interesting sport. If you are a first-timer, here is what you should know.

Kayaking With Three People

If you are going with friends and doing it as a group activity, try kayaking with three people because not only will you have more fun, but you will feel safer. For beginners, kayaks, where you can sit on top, are better because they are more stable, and you won’t feel trapped in them if you ever feel a bit scared. Once you sit in it, you want to place your legs straight forward, but slightly bent, and keep your back straight. However, don’t be tense because it will be harder to maneuver and move. Paddling is something that required some exercise, and you should learn it from someone who is experienced. As far as the equipment goes, you should have a life vest, and appropriate clothing and footwear. Water shoes are the best choice, and a hat and glasses will be enough to protect you from the sun. However, don’t forget SPF, and lip balms to keep your skin hydrated and safe. If you want to capture those moments, you can bring your go-pro as well. This is especially important if you go kayaking with three people because you want to remember that day.

A perfect summer day can be spending time in nature with your friends, and feeling its power. Plus, kayaking is a great exercise for those who like to stay active, so you can combine all of that in one.